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It took a long time but the wait is finally over, 2 types of Ultra Uamou will be released at once!

One of them is BIG one with red lines on white body and another one is released in Silver and Gun-metal.  Stainless Ultra Uamou which named after its metallic look was originally released in small run during the first edition of Tokyo Comicon and needless to say it sold out within a few moments.

People who have missed out on the latest edition of Ultra Uamou need not to worry any longer since you can now find Stainless Ultra Uamou in our Atelier Shop and Online Store.  Please note that only a limited quantity have been made, so it is probably a good idea to act swiftly if you are set on obtaining one!

Big White Ultra Uamou: 20,000 yen (tax included)

Height: approx. 30 cm / made by UNBOX INDUSTRIES / ©Tsuburaya Prod.

Stainless Ultra Uamou: 3,500 yen (tax included)
Height: approx. 7 cm / © Tsuburaya Prod.


◆ Atelier Shop sale starts on June 4th (Sun) at 11 o’clock at  STUDIO UAMOU
◆ UAMOU ONLINE SHOP sale is scheduled to start from June 4th (Sun) at 15:00 JST
※ Items will sold as long as stock is available

Regarding the sale at our Atelier Shop:

※ We will hand out admission tickets via lottery at 11:00. Once you have received your tickets please follow the staff’s instructions and wait to be allowed inside.  Since it is admission by lottery system we advise to come to the store not earlier than 10:45.

※ Please follow the attendant’s instructions at all times. When it is your turn to enter the Atelier Shop please show your admission ticket to the attendant.

※ Depending on the situation we might limit the number of purchases per visit.







BIGウルトラウアモウに、白ボディが登場!! 大人気につき完売状態になっているシルバーボディ、GIDボディに続く、第3弾を、スタジオウアモウ店舗、及び、UAMOU ONLINE SHOPにて販売いたします!


『BIGウルトラウアモウ(白 ver.)』¥20,000(税込)

全高 約30cm 製造元:UNBOX INDUSTRIES © 円谷プロ

全高 約7cm © 円谷プロ


◆STUDIO UAMOU店舗は、6月4日(日)開店時間の11時より販売開始予定
◆UAMOU ONLINE SHOPは、6月4日(日)日本時間15時より販売開始予定