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Thanks to the immense popularity of the Biometallic Series, we have decided to release a one-off series of Bio Metallic Big Uamou and Bio Metallic Real Uamou.

Designed after the image of biochemistry found in beetles, the Biometallic series sports a blue, purple and green coat with a metallic sheen and accented with silver and gold high-lights at the top and bottom. We are very happy to introduce both Big Uamou and Real Uamou in this fantastic colour way. Biometallic Real Uamou comes with an additional “biometalic strong arm” that can be used to replace the “boo armour” arm on the left!

◆ Sales price
· Biometallic Real Uamou (with strong arm) 10,000 yen (tax included)
· Biometallic  Big Uamou 16,000 yen (tax included)

◆ Ragarding sales
Scheduled to be available exclusively at our Atelier Shop from 11 o’clock on Sunday, April 23th, 2017.
※When there are two or more customers waiting for entrance at the time of opening, we will distribute a lottery ticket to decide the order of entry. ※Please refrain from gathering before 10:50 so as not to cause annoyance to the neighborhood.
※ We may limit the number of purchases per person.
※ Available for sale as long as stock lasts.

We will sell both editions in a very limited quantity at our Atelier Shop and we are very sorry to inform that we do not take online orders.




『バイオメタリック リアルウアモウ』には、左手の「ブーアーマー」と付け替え可能な「バイオメタリックストロングアーム」も付いてきます!!


・バイオメタリック リアルウアモウ(ストロングアーム付き) 10,000円(税込)
・バイオメタリック ビッグウアモウ 16,000円(税込)


STUDIO UAMOU店舗にて、2017年4月23日(日)開店時間の11時より販売開始予定


今回はいずれの商品もSTUDIO UAMOU店舗のみでの販売とさせていただきます。