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再来!サイボーグ009 × UAMOU !

前回のコラボから約4年。『サイボーグ009』の連載開始55周年を記念して開催される『サイボーグ009 ART JAM 2020』に参加いたします!



連載開始55周年記念 サイボーグ009 ART JAM 2020
会期:2020年7月28日(火) – 8月3日(月)
会場:西武渋谷店 B館5階=プロモーションスペース
※『009ウアモウ 2020 ver.』および『009ミニウアモウ 2020 ver.』は、会場での販売はございません。

アートトイ商品発売日:2020年8月1日(土) 10:00
西武・そごうの公式ショッピングサイト「e.デパート」にて、8月10日(月・祝) 23:59まで販売されます。



We will participate in “Cyborg 009 ART JAM 2020” held to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the start of the legendary comic series!
This time, Ayako Takagi has created both “009 UAMOU” and “009 Mini UAMOU” by hand painting.

They will only be available online (details below), so don’t miss out!

Period: July 28th (Tue) – August 3rd (Mon), 2020
Venue: SEIBU Shibuya Store B Building 5F = Promotion Space
* Art toys including “009 UAMOU 2020 ver.” and “009 Mini Uamou 2020 ver.” will not be sold at the venue.

Art toys will go on sale from August 1st (Sat), 2020 at 10:00.
Art toys will be on sale at e.department store, the official shopping site of Seibu and Sogo, until 23:59 on August 10 (Mon, holiday). The sale will end when the product is sold out.

*  “e.department store” will only ship within Japan, this is very unfortunate for the international customers and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please note that the sales method will differ depending on the product. The details and sales method will be announced on the following page at a later date.

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