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First released at the ” TINY ART EXHIBITION” at Aoyama’s NEHAN TOKYO mini gallery, we are excited to announce that the Bath Time Uamou will make their first US appearance at DCON 2016 as well!

Hand painted by Ayako Takagi, this mini series of Uamou will be sold at at DesignerCon. Only a limited quantity will be available so make sure to not miss out!

Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! Held at the Pasadena Convention Center, DCon is over 70,000 sq. ft. and features over 300 vendors, art & custom shows, live demonstrations, and much more! So come on down and make sure to say hello to us at booth number 1004!


Designer Con 2016

November 19-20, 2016

Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Studio Uamou Booth number; 1004


* Our atelier shop in Tokyo and online store will be open for business during the event.



“DCON”バスタイム UAMOU!


“Designer Con”に今年も出展いたします!!

青山のNEHAN TOKYOにて開催された『タイニーアート展』にて発表した

STUDIO UAMOUブースナンバー : 1004

Designer Con 2016
November 19-20, 2016
Pasadena Convention Center, Exhibit Hall
300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101

*STUDIO UAMOUはアトリエショップ、通販、共に通常営業いたします。