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At Dcon you can find Uamou at different places besides our own booth!  Broke Piggy Inc. set to release a gorgeous edition of Sogno Uamou and lovable Piggy Uamou!

Head over to booth #527 to find these fantastic customs! Sogno Uamou is released in an exclusive white, orange, pink grapefruit colour-way, painted from the inside by Ayako Takagi making each single figure truly unique.
And she customized Classic Uamou as lovely piggy (not “broke” one, to be sure!) with blush cheek, cloven hoofs, and curling tail!

Customized Uamou by other talented artists are also available at their own booths!
Martin Hsu whom we collaborated with last year prepared ‘We Come In Peace and Love’ pairs of Metallic Uamou with hand painted calming botanical designs!
Jeremiah Ketner painted Classic Uamou and Fortune Uamou in his characteristic way.  It’s hard to believe that they originally were our sofvi figures because even their surface texture is totally different!
Candie Bolton who’s well known for her original figure “Bake Kujira” and toy customizing in bewitching colour-way, painted curved line on Fortune Uamou Clear Rainbow and put bijou on its bell!

Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! Held at the Pasadena Convention Center, DCon is over 70,000 sq. ft. and features over 400 vendors, art & custom shows, live demonstrations, and much more! So come on down and make sure to say hello to us at booth number 1004!


Broke Piggy Inc booth number: 527

Martin Hsu booth number: 222
Jeremiah Ketner booth number: 314
Candie Bolton booth number: 1225

STUDIO UAMOU booth number: 1004


Designer Con 2017
Date: November 11th(Sat), 12th(Sun), 2017
Venue: Pasadena Convention Center Exhibit Hall
Address: 300 East Green Street  Pasadena, CA 91101

Studio Uamou Booth number; 1004



* Our atelier shop in Tokyo and online store will be open for business as always during the event.




“Designer Con”に今年も出展いたします!!

STUDIO UAMOUブース以外では、昨年に引き続き今年もBroke Piggyのブースにて、限定のウアモウ作品をお取り扱いいただきます!

チョロッと一巻きしているしっぽがとってもキュート!な『PIGGY UAMOU』と、



また、STUDIO UAMOUとも親交のある3人のアーティストが、ウアモウやフォーチュンウアモウをカスタムしてくださいました!


Broke Piggy Incブースナンバー:527

Martin Hsu ブースナンバー:222
Jeremiah Ketner ブースナンバー:314
Candie Bolton ブースナンバー:1225

STUDIO UAMOUブースナンバー:1004

Designer Con 2017
会場:Pasadena Convention Center, Exhibit Hall
住所:300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101

※STUDIO UAMOUはアトリエショップ、通販、共に通常営業いたします。