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Engimono Department returns with the 8th edition of the Engimono Department Pop-up Store.

Among the many special items they have planned for release, Studio Uamou is proud to announce the new release of the soft vinyl edition of Imuimu Uamou. The original Imuimu Uamou was made in resin and released at the Buutsu Buutsu Uamou exhibition in Kyoto back in 2007. Imuimu Uamou returns now in a fantastic soft vinyl version and will be released in a classic white colour-way! Furthermore we are releasing a limited series of New Year MAO MAO Uamou, carefully hand-painted by Ayako Takagi. The body is decorated subtly with silver, gold and red dots and commemorates the coming of the new year.

The 8th edition of Engimono Department Store will be held at  mAAch ecute in Kanda Manseibashi and considering the popularity of the event it will be safe to keep in mind that many people are planning to attend.  The special items that will be released during the event will be offered via lottery sale. The lottery sale will be held on the 14th of January. For people who are interested in acquiring our special items we strongly advise to come to mAAch ecute early in the morning and follow the staff instructions.

– Register for the lottery at the cash register.
– If you receive a winning ticket you are allowed to stand in line.
– If you fail to stand in line the winning ticket will be considered invalid.
– If you leave the line for any reason you will be excluded from the lottery sale.

Find many specialty items by famous designers at mAAch ecute during this Pop-up Event and we hope you will be able to acquire Uamou as well.

Good Luck!


January 10  – January 17, 2017
Lottery Sale: january 14th, 2017


Kanda Manseibashi event space
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kanda-Sudacho

Official site





縁起物百貨店POPUP SHOP vol.8にて、新規造形ソフビ『イムイムウアモウ』がリリースされます!
2007年に京都で開催した個展「イムイムウアモウ展」にて発表した、ポリストーン製とレジン製の『イムイムウアモウ』は多くの注目を集め、上海でも巡回展を開催するに至りました。10年の時を経てこの度ついに、縁起物百貨店様のプロデュースにより、日本製ソフビとして復刻されます!! 11面観音像をモチーフにした『イムイムウアモウ』は、本体を合わせて10面の顔を持ち、それを見つめて愛でる人の11個目の顔を合わせて、初めて11面として成立します。ソフビの質感に合わせて造形も新しく生まれ変わった『イムイムウアモウ』を、ぜひご覧下さい!


さらには、大人気の『MAO MAO UAMOU』に1点1点ハンドペイントを施した『MAO MAO UAMOU NEW YEAR coloring』も限定販売!




開催場所:マーチエキュート神田万世橋 イベントスペース佇マイ