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We are very glad to announce the return of Real Uamou to our store.

For the first time we have created a fantastic black and white marble edition of Real Uamou in collaboration with REALxHEAD. Eternal Uamou will be sold on March the 4th in our Atelier Shop, Eternal Real Uamou will also be available on our online store on the same day starting from 13:00 JST.

We mixed black and white vinyl  in the casting process to create a unique marble pattern. The process makes every single Real Uamou truly unique. This edition of Real Uamou comes both with inter-changeable classic Boo Armour and the recently released Strong Arm in a unique set well worth waiting another couple of days for.

Sign your agendas, mark your calendars, tell you cousin and your mom because Real Uamou is coming back to town and he might be gone before you know it.


Real Uamou is part of the Chaos Warriors. Eternally battling amongst themselves to maintain balance in the Universe.

Eternal Real Uamou 12,000 yen (tax included)
◆ Atelier Shop sale starts on March 4th (Sat) at 11 o’clock at Studio Uamou
◆ UAMOU ONLINE SHOP sale is scheduled to start from March 4th (Sat) at 13:00 JST
※ Items will sold as long as stock is available

Regarding the sale at our Atelier Shop:

※We will hand out admission tickets via lottery at 11:00. Once you have received your tickets please follow the staff’s instructions and wait to be allowed inside. Since it is admission by lottery system we advise to come to the store not earlier than 10:45.

※ Please follow the attendant’s instructions at all times. When it is your turn to enter the Atelier Shop please show your admission ticket to the attendant.

※ Depending on the situation we might limit the number of purchases per visit.




エターナル リアルウアモウ


『リアルヘッド』のカオスマンシリーズとのダブルネーム作品『リアルウアモウ』を、STUDIO UAMOU店舗、及び、UAMOU ONLINE SHOPで販売いたします!!

リアルウアモウのマーブル成型第一弾となる今回は、白と黒のコントラストが混ざり合った『エターナル リアルウアモウ』!! 織りなされた唯一無二の紋様が、墨流しや水墨画を思わせる幽玄な美しさを醸し出しています。 リアルウアモウの左腕『ブーアーマー』だけでなく、カオスマンの左腕『ストロングアーム』もセットなので付け替えも可能です!

エターナルリアルウアモウ 12,000円 (税込)

◆STUDIO UAMOU店舗は、3月4日(土)開店時間の11時より販売開始予定
◆UAMOU ONLINE SHOPは、3月4日(土)日本時間13時より販売開始予定