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10月にBEAMS JAPANにて開催しご好評いただいた展示会と同名でありながらも、内容を一新!してお届けする今回は、高木綾子と宮野隆氏がそれぞれ描いた、絵本になる前の原画の一部が、会場に所狭しと展示されます。


その他にも、絵本に描かれている、ウアモウがおばけちゃんと出会うことになった運命の惑星の色合いを、ウアモウフレンズたちに写し取った先行発売品『Planet Boo彩色シリーズ』(製作協力:MOZ)のソフビフィギュアたちもズラリと並びます。


『Planet Booリアルウアモウ』は、11月9日(土)11時から先着順に販売

会期:2019年11月8日(金) – 11月19日(火)
営業時間:月曜日 – 土曜日 11:00 – 21:00 / 日曜日 11:00 – 20:30
会場:FEWMANY 新宿マルイアネックス 3階



The “Uamou and the Mysterious Planet” exhibition commemorating the release of our picture book will be held at FEWMANY in Shinjuku from next Friday!

Although it has the same name as the well-received exhibition held at BEAMS JAPAN in October, the content has been completely renewed!  This time, a part of the original paintings drawn by Ayako Takagi and Takashi Miyano for the picture book will cover the walls of the venue.

New pieces will be added to Ayako Takagi’s hand-painted series “Ehon BIG Uamou” and “Ehon Uamou” and she also prepared a tiny canvas collection for this opportunity!

Not only that, UAMOU and his friends in “Planet Boo” color-way painted the hue of the planet where UAMOU encountered Boo illustrated in the picture book.
* “Planet Boo” series are scheduled to be sold at our ONLINE SHOP later.

As the gallery-limited color, yellow Big Hairy Monster will be in the lineup in limited quantities.

“Ehon BIG Uamou”, “Ehon Uamou”, tiny canvases and “Planet Boo Real Uamou” are going to be sold on November 9th (Sat).
For the customers who’d like to purchase them, we’ll hold a lottery at the venue to decide the entry order on the day.  Please note that we might limit the number of purchases per person.
Lottery details will be announced on FEWMANY’s blogpost and their Twitter in a few days.

Special Thanks to: MOZ

“UAMOU and the Mysterious Planet” Exhibition in FEWMANY
Period: November 8th (Fri) – November 19th (Tue), 2019
Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (11:00 – 20:30 on Sunday)
Venue: FEWMANY (3F, Shinjuku Marui Annex)
Address: 3-1-26, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6380-4160 (direct)