BIG HAIRY MONSTER LAVENDER!BHM(ビッグヘアリーモンスター)が今度はラベンダーのような紫になって登場!そのかぐわしさから、アロマオイルやドライフラワーとしても身近な花・ラベンダー。花が咲くのは少し先ですが、ラベンダー畑が風にそよぐ様を想像するだけでも心が安らぎますよね。もしやこれも、うっとり思いを馳せるウアモウたちを捕まえる巧妙なワナ…?BIG=大きくて、HAIRY=毛むくじゃらの、 MONSTER=モンスター。ウアモウやおばけちゃんにとっては怖くてたまらない存在ですが、皆様にはきっと「かわいい!」と思っていただけるはず。数量限定にて販売中です!BIG HAIRY MONSTER LAVENDER!Just relax, BHM is here to calm you down!BHM (Big Hairy Monster), which drawn partially in the picture book “Uamou and the Mysterious Planet” and TEHON “We Are Very Much Alike”, now turned into purple like English Lavender!Lavender is a flower that is familiar to us as an essential oil and a dried flower because of its unique scent. We need to wait for months until the actual flowers bloom, but how comforting just imagining the lavender fields blowing in the wind! Could it be that this is another clever trap to catch the enraptured UAMOU?Although Uamou and Boo scare and fear it, we hope (know) everyone will surely think “It’s cute!”Limited quantities are now available at STUDIO UAMOU and UAMOU ONLINE SHOP!BHM (Big Hairy Monster): Literally a “big” and “hairy” monster which often appears in Uamou’s dream and freaks him