ENJOY トートバッグ!️高木綾子のイラスト『ENJOY』をプリントしたトートバッグを販売開始いたします。A3サイズが縦横どちらの向きでも楽に入るゆったりサイズ。ウアモウを忍ばせるのにぴったりなインナーポケットも付いているので、お仕事にもプライベートにもご愛用いただけることでしょう。ナチュラル・ライトグレー・黒の3色からお選び頂けます!UAMOU ONLINE SHOPwww.uamou.commore pics ︎︎︎ @studiouamou ENJOY TOTE OUT NOW!New design of UAMOU Tote Bag is out now!The tote bag is made of nature-friendly, heavy-duty canvas and has two handy pockets inside in which you can carry important items such as your phone, pocket agenda, or your favorite UAMOU of course!“Enjoy” tote bag is available in natural, light gray, and black at our online shop!*Due to the novel coronavirus outburst, there’s global reduction of flights and international shipping from Japan to approximately 200 countries and regions (increased from 160) are currently being delayed or suspended.For this reason, UAMOU ONLINE SHOP will only accept orders for domestic delivery for the time being.Since we’ve received a lot of love and support via orders from people all over the world, it was painful to make this decision, but we believe that it’s irresponsible to continue accepting orders without the ways to ship them.To make up for this, we’re planning to keep upcoming releases separately from the stock for domestic sales, and to sell them when the international shipping becomes smooth so that people who live overseas can order them with relief.