GOCCODO × UAMOU “WHO ARE YOU?” TEE! While creating his original works in 2D and 3D energetically, Goccodo has worked with numerous artists, brands, corporations for their visual arts. Today we introduce the latest collaboration with him!You may have a feeling of déjà vu. That’s only natural, because Goccodo drew “that” logo-like UAMOU and Astro Unkotsu of “that” movie, since he’s skilled at drawing subculture of the 1980s and 1990s themed work adding his own taste.It is a masterpiece of both designer and printers, where the details of the original art is printed exactly as they are, from its textures to superfine lines!* This Tee is available only in Black and the sizes of S, M, L, XL.Available from STUDIO UAMOU and UAMOU ONLINE SHOP now!Production cooperation: @goccodo ゴッコ堂×ウアモウ コラボTシャツ!自身も精力的にオリジナル作品を発表する傍ら、数多のコラボレーションアートを手掛けてきたゴッコ堂との最新コラボが到着!1980~90年代の文化に特に造詣の深いゴッコ堂が描き下ろしたのは、あの映画の?あのロゴっぽい!?ウアモウとアストロウンコツたち!掠れた風合いから極細の線の一本に至るまで、原画のディテールがそっくりそのまま表現されたデザイナー・プリンター双方の職人ワザ光る逸品です。本日よりSTUDIO UAMOU および UAMOU ONLINE SHOPにて販売開始いたします!制作協力:ゴッコ堂 @goccodo サイズ:S・M・L・XLUAMOU ONLINE SHOPwww.uamou.com