HARUTARO UAMOU COMES OUT!To celebrate the Lunar New Year we got “Harutaro Uamou” ready for Paradise Toy in Taiwan!He puts on a red bib on which Chinese character “春” ,that means “Spring / the beginning of the year” in English, is written. We can guess easily that he has a lot of hope and passion for the new year when we see his flashed cheeks and sharp eyebrows!Harutaro Uamou is exclusively available at Paradise Toy in Taiwan from next Monday, January 27th TST!Paradise ToyTel: (02) 27766224Address: Taipei City, Dunhua South Road stage 161 Lane 75 號 1FHours: 13:30 to 22:00paradisetoyland.com春太郎ウアモウ 台湾PARADISE TOYに出現!中華圏で盛大に祝われる春節も目前。『春太郎ウアモウ』が、現地時間の1月27日(月)より台湾のPARADISE TOYに出現!赤地に金文字で「春」と入った鮮やかな腹掛けが皆様の新しい一年を寿ぎ、ほっぺは高まる期待にふっくら紅潮しています!@paradise2005 台北市敦化南路一段161巷75號