INNER GLOW DINO UAMOU🦖二重成型ダイノウアモウ!真の美しさは内側から輝くもの。ダイノウアモウでは初の試みとなる二重成型です!一度クリア成型の層を作ってから、その内側に蓄光成型の層を作る製法ゆえに、ダイノウアモウ固有の特徴である足の爪や背中の棘の先端に透明な部分が覗きます。また、通常の蓄光成型のマットな質感に対し、二重成型は全体に特有の奥行きを感じさせる、ツヤッとしたテクスチャーです。UAMOU ONLINE SHOPwww.uamou.comにてお求めいただけます。INNER GLOW DINO UAMOU!True beauty glows from the inside out!Here’s the first Dino UAMOU made by the double-pour method!In double-pour method, a phosphorescent layer is formed inside once an outer transparent layer is made. Therefore you can see the clear parts in his toenails and the tips of the spines on the back, which are unique features of Dino UAMOU.In addition, while the regular GID figures have the matte texture, the double-pour figures have an indescribable depth and glossy texture that make itself distinctive.*Due to the novel coronavirus outburst, there’s global reduction of flights and international shipping from Japan to approximately 200 countries and regions (increased from 160) are currently being delayed or suspended.For this reason, UAMOU ONLINE SHOP will only accept orders for domestic delivery for the time being.Since we’ve received a lot of love and support via orders from people all over the world, it was painful to make this decision, but we believe that it’s irresponsible to continue accepting orders without the ways to ship them.To make up for this, we’re planning to keep upcoming releases separately from the stock for domestic sales, and to sell them when the international shipping becomes smooth so that people who live overseas can order them with relief.