MATTE FINISHED BIG UAMOU!ついに登場!BIGでマットなウアモウ!STUDIO UAMOUのフィギュアコレクションの中で最大サイズ(30 cm!)を誇るBIGウアモウに、マット彩色ver.がついに登場!BIGウアモウの製造元であるUNBOXが彩色を担当いたしました。艶消しの度合いも浅めで、大きなサイズながら空間に程よく馴染みます。大福のように柔らかく光を反射する様子はウアモウの「ぷにぷに」ボディを表すのにぴったり。本日より STUDIO UAMOU および UAMOU ONLINE SHOP にて販売中です!UAMOU ONLINE SHOPwww.uamou.comMATTE FINISHED BIG UAMOU!Following the two large figures released this spring, Real UAMOU and Dino UAMOU, our biggest family is finally here in the same, matte finish!Big UAMOU stands 30 cm tall and is the largest size in STUDIO UAMOU figures. Although the two aforementioned items were colored by Master Goto, this Big UAMOU was painted by UNBOX, the manufacturer of the product.Since this matte coating is milder than previously released ones, it fits in well with any space despite its large size.We think this is one of the best ways to express UAMOU’s bouncy body as we see it gently reflects the light like a daifuku mochi.*Due to the novel coronavirus outburst, there’s global reduction of flights and international shipping from Japan to approximately 200 countries and regions (increased from 160) are currently being delayed or suspended.For this reason, UAMOU ONLINE SHOP will only accept orders for domestic delivery for the time being.Since we’ve received a lot of love and support via orders from people all over the world, it was painful to make this decision, but we believe that it’s irresponsible to continue accepting orders without the ways to ship them.To make up for this, we’re planning to keep upcoming releases separately from the stock for domestic sales, and to sell them when the international shipping becomes smooth so that people who live overseas can order them with relief.