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Following the success of our “MONIMOU” exhibition held in december 2013 we are proud te announce the second series of Monimals x Uamou figures! The first series of white, pink and blue Monimou is being expanded with a series of Black and Red “Normal” eyed Monimou and the debut of “Ouch” eyed White and Blue Monimou!

We will start selling the second series of Monimou on Saturday 7 february, please take note that we only have 50 pieces of each color and that the demand is very high. For those who are interested in acquiring Monimou we would like to advise to come visit us at the Atelier Shop starting this weekend or you make your inquiries via info@uamou.com starting from the 15th of february.


Monimals x Uamou Series 2

Red and black (normal type) 1300 yen each (tax included)

White and blue (Aita~tsu version) 1300 yen each (tax included)

Date of sale: February 7 (Sat) STUDIO UAMOU (11:00 to 19:00)


Moni Moni Animals

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もにまるず x UAMOU シリーズ2!!販売決定!!


2013年12月、UAMOU×もにまるず「もにモウ展」にて即完売した「白」「ピンク」「ブルー」に続き、シリーズ2の販売決定!!新色の「赤」と「黒」に加え、新しい表情(あいたっ)「白」「青」を明日*2月7日(土)からSTUDIO UAMOUにて販売いたします!!



もにまるず x UAMOU シリーズ2

赤・黒 (ノーマルタイプ) 各 1300円 (税込)

白・青 (あいたっバージョン) 各 1300円 (税込)

販売日:2月 7日 (土) STUDIO UAMOU (11時〜19時)


もにまるず -moni moni animals-

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