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Our favourite tomato!

We start 2016 with Cherry Tomato Bastard, its bright red colour resembles that of the cute little snack-sized tomatoes. Even though delicious to look at, we imagine that Cherry tomato bastard would not taste very good if consumed (never consume soft vinyl toys!).

Find Cherry tomato bastard in our store together with a limited release of Red Mouth Clear Bastard (they seem to like each other and have been hanging out together ever since they arrived in the atelier)

Cherry tomato is the latest colour-way in the Bastard series. Available starting today together with Red Mouth Clear Bastard in our Atelier Shop and Online Store.






そしてクリアバスタードに新しい彩色がが加わりました!『クリアバスタード – 赤い口』

STUDIO UAMOU店舗にて本日から販売スタートです!


UAMOU オンラインショップはこちら  ONLINE STORE