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The final event of Tsuburaya Creative Jam 50 has reached its conclusion and now we can finally release the latest edition of Ultrauamou at our Atelier Shop!

The very first edition of Ultrauamou was in a slight dark shade of grey mask painted in red. Ever since then, Ultruamou has been released in a variety of colour-ways but the very first one always seemed the closest to the Ultraman’s original design (together with the Silver Lamé edition one could argue). Not any more, since the latest release of Ultrauamou is in the iconic Matte Silver and Crimson Red colour-way!

Only a limited amount of Silver Ultrauamou are available and will be sold exclusively in the Atelier shop! Please come by and say hello if you happen to be in the area!



STUDIO UAMOUにてシルバーウルトラウアモウ販売スタート!!


TCJ50 FINALにて大好評につき完売した、シルバー塗装のウルトラウアモウが遂にSTUDIO UAMOU店舗でも販売スタート!!



ウルトラウアモウ(シルバー Ver.)」¥3,240(税込)



© 円谷プロ


「BIG ウルトラウアモウ(シルバー Ver.」¥18,000(税込)