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Get your geek on! NYCC is kicking of this year and amidst the enormous amount of popculture paraphernalia you will be able to find Uamou exclusives as well!

Head over to Grizlli Atom ‘s  MONSTER ISLAND , (booth #402) where you can find custom painted runs of Real Uamou, Bastard and Fortune Uamou. All figures come in a spectacular hand painted Cosmic Purple and Cosmic Green color way, which are exclusive to New York Comic Con!

Over at booth #208 you will find Rampage Toys which has created a small run of hand painted “Comic Homage Bastard” based on the Joker and Ghostrider designs.

Even though we are not able to attend ourselves this year, we are very happy to have Uamou at NYCC again. For this year Studio Uamou is getting ready to attend DesignerCon (UAMOU booth #403) in Pasadena, LA next month and we hope to see you there !


ニューヨークコミコン限定 ウアモウとバスタード!!


今年もアメリカ・ニューヨークにてNYCCがはじまりました!!ぜひ会場でニューヨークコミコン 限定 UAMOUたちをみつけてくださいね。


Grizlli Atom の MONSTER ISLAND  (ブースナンバー #402) では


またRampage Toys (ブースナンバー #208) では “Joker”と “Ghostrider” がモチーフとなった「バスタード」が販売中です!!



11月にロサンゼルスで開催されるDesignerCon に初出展いたします!!