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天神ロフト POPBOX!


POPBOX限定の『STAR UAMOU』シリーズや『グラフィティUAMOU』シリーズに加え、
STUDIO UAMOUでご好評をいただいている定番商品も各種取り揃えてお届けいたします。


会期:2020年12月27日(日) – 2021年1月26日(火)
会場:天神ロフト 1階 ロフトマーケット
住所:〒810-0004 福岡県福岡市中央区渡辺通4-9-25

POPBOX info 告知ページ


As per tradition, POPBOX will celebrate the coming of the new year in Fukuoka!

Find the pop culture bazaar POPBOX at Tenjin Loft, which faces a huge shopping street in Fukuoka city!  Studio Uamou will participate again with the POPBOX exclusive Star Uamou and Graffiti Uamou!  The Star Uamou series is hand-painted by Ayako Takagi, and the Graffiti Uamou series is painted by Master Goto.

POPBOX is an art bazaar event held regularly at Loft stores in Japan, a chain variety store that sells a wide range of items for everyday life. During POPBOX, selected artists and creators are approached to participate by exhibiting their work to the public. Popbox is widely known for its exhibitions and live-performances by turning a section of the department store into a pop culture bazaar.

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