アクリルキーホルダー (ランダム)


Capsule-sized Acrylic Keyrings are only available at STUDIO UAMOU and UAMOU ONLINE SHOP!
From left to right: “KANGAERU” UAMOU, Boo, Bastard, Mr. Dump & Hello, and Tetra.

-You cannot choose the pattern for this product. If you order more than one, you may receive the duplicate(s). Please note that even if you order five or more, there is a possibility that all varieties may not be included.
-Please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds based on the results of your order.
-Depending on the contents of your order, we may remove the capsules and ship only the keyring.
Aspect ratio: approx. 50mm×50mm / 3mm thickness / Acrylic / Distributed by Prestige Corporation / Made in Japan

オンラインで手に入れられるのはUAMOU ONLINE SHOPだけ!


縦横 50mm×50mm(最大)、厚さ3mm / アクリル・真鍮 / 販売元:株式会社プレステージ / 日本製

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