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SPウアモウ更新 & キャンペーン開催!


STUDIO UAMOUでは、ご購入金額1000円につき1個のスタンプを「ウアモウフレンズカード」に押印いたします。スペシャルウアモウは、そのスタンプを20個集めてくださった方に進呈している景品です。


現在STUDIO UAMOUは休業中。そこで、UAMOU ONLINE SHOPとウアモウフレンズカードを連動させた休業期間限定キャンペーンを実施いたします!


1万円未満の端数につきましては、送料を含め1000円につき1個のスタンプを押印したウアモウフレンズカードを封入いたします。STUDIO UAMOUの営業が再開し次第、ポイントの合算や、景品との交換を承ります。『ハートウアモウ』をご希望であれば、ハートとウアモウの色の組み合わせをお選びいただけます。(その場合、交換には通常通り20ポイントが必要です。)

対象商品:UAMOU ONLINE SHOPにてご購入いただける全商品 (※2)

本キャンペーンについてご不明な点がございましたら info@uamou.com までお問い合わせください。



★UAMOU Friends Card Special: “Heart UAMOU”

It’s been a while since we’ve used a classic UAMOU for “Special UAMOU” instead of Fortune UAMOU! The artist, Ayako Takagi, drew a heart in black or white on them to express her gratitude towards all of your support.

★What’s Special UAMOU?
For every 1,000 JPY spent at STUDIO UAMOU, you can obtain one stamp on the “UAMOU Friends Card.” The special UAMOU is a prize given to those who collect 20 stamps. 

It’s a system only for people who can come to the store which is currently closed. Thus we have planned a promotion for our online shop!

◆Get Special UAMOU at a great deal!
For every 10,000 JPY you purchase, including the shipping fee, you will receive one Heart UAMOU as a bonus!
The bad news is you cannot choose either the color of the heart or UAMOU itself. The good news is you can get one at a half-fare and you don’t have to come to our store! We can say this is perfect for those who live far from our store or can enjoy the randomness.

◆Collect Stamp by Shopping ONLINE!
For less than 10,000 JPY purchases, you will get Uamou Friends Card with stamp(s) per 1,000 JPY. Please bring those cards to STUDIO UAMOU as soon as we reopen. We will combine points and when you have 20 stamps, you can exchange them for prizes. If you prefer “Heart UAMOU”, you can choose the color combination of a heart and Uamou. (In this case, 20 points will be required as usual for the exchange.)

Promotion Outline
Period: Until 23:59 on the last day before the reopening (*1)
Applicable products: All products that can be purchased at UAMOU ONLINE SHOP (*2)

*1: We will announce the reopening date on our SNS when it is decided. Orders completed during this period will be eligible. Please make sure to place your order well in advance.
*2: For this promotion only, Ultra UAMOU related products will also be eligible for prizes and points.

If you have any questions about this promotion, please contact us at info@uamou.com.