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Master jeweler and craftsman Minoru Takagi returns with an amazing duo of Ruby and Sapphire set Masks !

The  surface of the copper masks are decorated with splashes of gold and silver and set with Sapphire and Ruby stones. Each mask features an original hand-chisseled pattern by the Master himself which makes these items truly unique.

Minoru Takagi has a vivid imagination and his designs often feature star maps and celestial bodies. He considers all of his creations as children of the universe.

Find the Ruby and Sapphire mask exclusively at our Atelier shop.

『ルビーとサファイアのMASK UAMOU』


少数限定にてSTUDIO UAMOU店舗にて販売中です。

『ルビーとサファイアのMASK UAMOU』10,000円(税込)