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Studio Uamou was invited to participate in the shoot for the 2015 Season’s Greeting Card of Sony Digital Entertainment.

CEO of Sony Digital Entertainment Mr. Atsushi Fukuda wanted something different this year for the company’s new year greeting card. Instead of a traditional cookie-cutter card with the obligatory rigid greeting, he wanted to show people what he has been working on this past year and thus he invited all the artists that have been collaborating with Mr. Fukuda for a creative photo shoot.

Ayako Takagi was invited as well and you can see the result of the shoot in the pictures above. We would like to thank Sony Digital Entertainment for their support throughout the years and we look forward to what future collaborations may hold.

Featured in the shoot:  Naoki Sakai (Planner), Fuyuhiko Nishi (Director), Shuko Tsuchiya (Shodou Calligraphy), Julie Watai (model, radio personality),  Nadia (Model), Taylor (Model, Yohei Takayama  & Tomoharu Onuma  (designers), Ayako Takagi (Uamou) and Fukuda Jun (president of Sony digital entertainment). Photographer: Tatsuro




ソニーデジタルエンターテインメントSeason’s Greeting Cardに参加!!


株式会社ソニー・デジタルエンタテインメントさまの2015年Season’s Greeting Cardに参加させていただきました。


出演者は、坂井直樹先生、ハイキックガール西冬彦監督、水墨画家の土屋秋恆さん、Julie Wataiちゃん、モデルのNadia、モデルのテイラー、株式会社送りバントの高山洋平さんと小沼朋治さん、UAMOU高木綾子、そしてソニーデジタルエンターテインメントの福田淳社長です。(フォトグラファー : たつろう)