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Sometimes Uamou gets mistaken for a cow, we get that, what with the horn shaped ears and all. However, this little cow might be mistaken for an alien or a cat for that matter. Say hello to Fortune Uamoo, the latest addition in the special Uamou series hand-painted by Ayako Takagi. Alongside Fortune Uamoo the exclusive Boo Ball-point pens are still available as a gift as well.

Fortune Uamoo is exclusive to customers who complete the Atelier Shop point card.

*The Special Uamou series changes every once in a while and is only obtainable by completing the Atelier Shop point card.





★Uamou Friends Card ウアモウフレンズカード★ スペシャル「フォーチュンウアモ〜」!!

STUDIO UAMOUでは1000円ご購入につき、ウアモウフレンズカードにスタンプ1個押印いたします。
スタンプ20個でポイントカード限定「スペシャル ウアモウ」を進呈いたします!

数量限定ですので、お早めに交換してくださいね : )