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“There’s a “crazy kid” who loves toys inside every adult,
who says adults can’t play with toys?
What are the toys from your childhood?
And what are the stories you had with your toys?

We are 2 kidults who never grow up,
and we have traveled the world just to search for toys.
We will regularly share all the cool toy stores around the world,
Hope we can pass our passion for toys to more people.
Come join us on this magical toy journey!”

Wanting to create a Toy Store Guide, Robin and Emma have been travelling through Asia in the past 2 years in search of specialised toy stores to include in their publication “Welcome! Toy Shops for Kidults“.

We were very happy to receive them at our studio a couple of months ago and we were quite surprised when they brought us a copy of their book two weeks ago during the opening of the SOGNI STRANI exhibition.

From Singapore and Hong Kong to Taiwan and Japan this publication will help you put all the specialised Toy Stores on the map in south east Asia. It is easy to tell that it was made by and for Toy lovers and we are very glad to be featured as well.

The book is printed in Chinese and is available at books.com.tw. Unfortunately our chinese is a bit dusty and we look forward to the possible english version of the book.




Robin と Emma がアジアを旅してまわった末に完成したトイストアガイド

Welcome! Toy Shops for Kidults“が遂に完成!!


その中でSTUDIO UAMOUもご紹介いただきましたのでぜひご覧下さいね。