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◆STUDIO UAMOU店舗では【特典版(ポストカード付きサイン本)】と【通常版(ポストカード、サイン共に無し)】を、一般発売より1日早い9月1日(日)11時より販売開始いたします。開店時に入店待機列がある場合は抽選による整理入場となります。

◆UAMOU ONLINE STOREでは、同上の【特典版】と【通常版】を、8月31日(土)19時より購入いただけますが、発送は翌9月1日(日)より順次行う予定です。



◆その他、主な特典版 販売店舗について
– YAMAVICO HAUS (通信販売のみ):ご予約受付中。 8月20日(火)より順次発送予定。
– 神保町いちのいちノおふくわけ池袋店:8月20日(火)~
– BEAMS JAPAN新宿4階:10月11日(金)〜
– FEWMANY新宿マルイアネックス店:11月8日(金)〜


詳しくは、YAMAVICO HAUS 公式WEBサイトでご確認ください。

A PICTURE BOOK “UAMOU and the Mysterious Planet”!

UAMOU’s first hardcover and all-color picture book “Uamou and the Mysterious Planet” will be published on September 2nd, 2019 as a bilingual picture book in Japanese and English!

Story and characters were written and drawn by Ayako Takagi and beautiful scenery that makes the story deeper were drawn by Takashi Miyano who has worked on a number of scenery for animation works for decades.

◆Advanced sale at STUDIO UAMOU starts on 11:00, September 1st. If there is a waiting queue at the time of opening, the entrance order will be organized by lottery.  Ayako Takagi won’t be at the store.
◆Advanced sale at UAMOU ONLINE STORE starts on 19:00, August 31st but it’s scheduled to be shipped sequentially from September 1st.
Note: We won’t take reservations.  Both  [Special edition (Signed, with postcard)] and [Regular edition (Not signed, No Postcard)] will become on sale at the same time and when [Special edition] will have been sold out, only [Regular edition] would be available.

Other stores who sell [Special edition]
– YAMAVICO HAUS (mail order only): Now Accepting Reservations.  Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from August 20th.
– Jimbocho Ichinoichi-no-Ofukuwake Cafe: From August 20th
– BEAMS JAPAN Shinjuku: From October 11th
– FEWMANY Shinjuku Marui Annex: From November 8th

The picture of the postcard varies from store to store.

For details, please check the YAMAVICO HAUS Official Website.
Click here for the special website for future event information featuring our picture book!