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The 2015 colour collection for Uamou Table Tops is here!

Based on Ayako Takagi’s “Uamou Spirit” design, the Uamou Table Tops have been a big favourite with both our dedicated fans and casual customers. It is always fun to hear how people find a way to do something creative with our table tops except using them for actual, well, table tops. Some have been customised into clocks or lamps and our creative director just likes to hang them on the wall as they are. No matter how you decide to use your table top, it is guaranteed to add a stylish touch to any interior.

Come and find the new colour collection at our store (near Akihabara) or make your inquiry at info@uamou.com (you will find the classic wooden tabletops in our online store, for the new colour collection we ask you kindly to mail us directly).


UAMOUテーブルトップ NEWカラーコレクション!


「ウアモウ スピリット」デザインのUAMOUテーブルトップに新しいカラーが加わりました!ピンクやパープルやグリーンなどのリバーシブルカラーで、今までになかった色も入荷いたしました。STUDIO UAMOUにて販売中ですのでぜひご覧下さい。



UAMOUテーブルトップ 6,000円(税込)



お支払い方法: 代金引換え(手数料350円)送料:一律600円