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“What on earth happened to me?!”  While he was walking down the big rainbow arch, Franken Uamou suddenly realized that his feet had begun to absorb the top layers of it!  He didn’t know how to stop it and his whole body turned “inverted” rainbow colour in a moment…

The Clutter Gallery presents “They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles” at their gallery in Beacon, New York, and Studio Uamou was invited to participate! The show features cute and/or colourful artworks and they told us that they will be displayed as rainbow!  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

They will open its door on coming Saturday, August 12th! All pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale both there and on their website and all pieces will remain on display for 3 weeks.  If you’re happen to be around, don’t hesitate to dropping by!


They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles
Period: August 12th (Sat) – September. 1st (Fri), 2017
Venue: Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street, Beacon,
NY 12508




Clutter Galleryが、ニューヨーク・ビーコンのギャラリーにて開催する”虹”をテーマにした展示会に参加いたします!
スタジオ ウアモウからは、レインボーカラーに染まったフランケンウアモウを出品!


They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles
日時: 2017年8月12日 (土) – 9月1日 (金)
会場: Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street, Beacon,
NY 12508