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During the upcoming live performance of “Coloured Chicken Makers” (CCM) at Akasaka Graffiti a special series of wooden Chicken Coasters will be sold!

Designed by Ayako Takagi and made by NOCRA (located at 2k540 near our studio), these cute little chicks come in a variety of expressions and woodgrains. The adorable set of coasters will be made available prior to the CCM live show on March 18th (Sat).

“Coloured Chicken Makers”

After several encounters between song writer Tomoka Kawase and singer Shogo Hino, “Coloured Chicken Makers” was born out of their collaboration on several local hero theme songs. The work pays tribute to that collaboration and continues to evolve into a growing number of complete original songs as well. Tomoka Kawase is the president of the Higashi Nakano Composition school and has written countless songs. Shogo Hino is a singer, musician and performer who most notably has been the lead singer on several local hero themes for television and the silver screen.

NORTH (North) + CRAFT (Craft) = NOCRA (Nokra)
Nocra is a shop specialised in a wide variety of wooden goods such as dishes, stationary and practically everything for the interior. All their items are made at their own studios located in both Hokkaido and Asahikawa






『Coloured Chicken Makers』(CCM)のライブ会場にて販売される『ひよこコースター』のデザインをSTUDIO UAMOUの高木綾子が手がけました!
STUDIO UAMOUと同様、2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN内にある『NOCRA』が製造を担当。STUDIO UAMOUでの販売に先駆け、3/18(土)赤坂グラフィティにて開催されるCCMライブで先行発売されます!


『Coloured Chicken Makers』

NORTH(北の) + CRAFT(クラフト) = NOCRA(ノクラ)