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Studio Uamou is opening the vault !

2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN, the artisinal shopping gallery where you can find our store is normally closed on wednesday, but this month on the 28th of January it will be open for a fantastic outlet sale and Studio Uamou will participate as well!  Apart from our discounted items we will be having a very special sample sale where you will be able to find rare and unreleased items directly from our archive !

People who would like to attend this special event should note that access will be granted by invitation only. Please come visit us at the store before the 28th to learn about the details and receive a formal invitation, we are happy to put you on the guest list!



January 28, 2015 (Wed)

12:00 ~ 21:00


※ During the event all entrances to 2k540 will be closed off except for the main entrance.

※ Admission is by invitation only. Please present your invitation at the main entrance. (You will be able to bring your friends or family on a single invitation.)

★ Come pick up your invitation at our Studio before the 28th of January.



UAMOUサンプルSALE 開催!!1月28日(水)


2k540にて通常休館日の水曜日、1日だけの「お得意様 特別ご招待会」を開催いたします!!

開催日:2015年 1月28日(水)

入口受付時間:12:00~21:00 (20:30 受付終了)


STUDIO UAMOUではサンプルSALEを開催いたします!!特別価格のUAMOUをたくさんご用意してお待ちしております。



※ご招待者のみのご入場です。受付の際に「お得意様 特別ご招待会」のハガキ御案内状をご提示ください。(同伴者の人数は制限ございません。)

★ご興味のある方はSTUDIO UAMOUにてご招待状の予備を確保していますので、前日の28日までにお引取りにご来店下さい。

2k540 各ショップにて割引やアウトレットセールなど特典ある一日ですのでぜひみなさんのお越しをお待ちしています!