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Today we have released Fuzzy Uamou and Fuzzy Bastard in our Atelier Shop!

During winter, Uamou grows a thick and fluffy fur to cope with the harsh cold and even though his natural instinct tells him to go into hibernation, he continues to meet up with Boo who seems unaffected by the seasons.

This is our second run of special edition flocked Uamou figures and they come in a variety of new colours! Find Fuzzy Uamou in Orange, Pink, Green and Blue. Bastard is released in White, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue and Grey! There are so many to choose from!

Come visit us at our store near Akihabara to have a look at the new Fuzzy series or if you are living outside of Japan you can make your inquiries at info@uamou.com




「ファジーウアモウ」(4色)&「ファジーバスタード」(6色)本日からSTUDIO UAMOUにて販売スタートです!!


「ファジーウアモウ」(オレンジ・ピンク・グリーン・ブルー) 3000円(税込)

「ファジーバスタード」(白・グレー・オレンジ・ピンク・グリーン・ブルー) 3000円(税込)


お支払い方法: 代金引換え(手数料350円)送料:一律600円