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2015 will be a year of excitement and discovery and it could not have started any better since it brings us the much anticipated release of AME AME UAMOU !

Created in collaboration with ame ame we are proud to announce this beautiful clear type soft vinyl which comes in a Pale Lavender hue and a dazzling Lamé finish.

The classic edition of AME AME UAMOU will be sold exclusively in the Atelier Shop, decorated Keyrings and Bagcharms of AME AME UAMOU are available directly from Ame Ame.

Come visit us at the store to get a hand on the classic edition of AME AME UAMOU or if you are outside of Japan you can make your inquiry to info@uamou.com



UAMOU×ame ame ラベンダーカラー販売スタート!!


アメをモチーフにしたアクセサリーアーティストのame ameさんとのコラボカラー!STUDIO UAMOUでも遂に販売スタートいたしました。

こちらのノーマルタイプのUAMOUソフビはSTUDIO UAMOU限定販売となっております。どうぞお見逃し無く!


UAMOU x ame ameラベンダーラメソフビ 2,200円(税込)


お支払い方法: 代金引換え(手数料350円)送料:一律600円