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Have you already been to “Ueno Land” that opened last month?  If no, this news may make you want to be!  “Ken elephant” will hold a lottery there and the prize of it is…an artist figure that is customized as Giant Panda!

Ayako Takagi handpainted Giant Panda pattern and gold 5 stars on white Maomao Uamou with care.  Not only for that, she wrote her autograph and serial numbers on the bottom!

Because Li Li and Zhen Zhen, the Giant Pandas are famous in Ueno Zoo, you can find so many panda items in the neighborhood, but you can’t get those figures anywhere other than here!

Please carefully read notes below and come to apply the lottery at “UENO LAND”!

Application period: July 15- July 20, 2017
Result announcement: at “UENO LAND” and on its website / July 24, 10:00 AM JST
Pick-up period: July 24 10:00 AM – July 30, 2017

* Please apply only to items you can purchase when winning.
* You can apply only once for each items.  All multiple entries will be invalid.
* Winning tickets can not be transferred to another.  Those who win the lottery will be required both winning ticket and personal ID.
* We can’t reissue your lottery ticket for any reason.  Please keep yours in a safe place.
* Please pick up your prize if you win the lottery.  When the period passes, it will be cancelled automatically.

Please understand that what mentioned above may be changed due to the circumstances.

UENO LAND @ecute Ueno

JR Ueno station 3F, inside Park gate

Business hours: Monday to Saturday  8:00 AM – 10:00 PM / Sunday and Holiday  8:00  AM– 9:30 PM

UENO LAND Official website

パンダマオマオウアモウ 上野に誕生!



スタジオウアモウからは、高木綾子が彩色した『パンダ マオマオウアモウ』が少数限定で登場! 手作業のため、一点一点、表情に違いがあるうえ、直筆サイン・シリアルナンバー入りです! 上野・ヤマシロヤでお馴染みの『パンダフォーチュンウアモウ』に比べ、どことなく幼い印象の「パンダ マオマオ」も可愛さ満点ですのでどうぞお見逃しなく!

公式サイト中央下部の “縁起物百貨店”のバナーから、注意事項をよくお読みのうえ、ふるって抽選にご参加ください!

上野ランド エキュート上野店
営業時間:月~土 8:00~22:00 日・祝 8:00~21:30